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Museum Tours

When you walk through the British Museum you are taking a journey into the past and reliving the experiences of your early forefathers from all over the world, where you will see the benefits that we have inherited from them and still use till this very day from their early geographical explorations and their experimentation with time, communities and different materials.


We use the 365-day solar year calendar of the Egyptians. We measure time according to the 60-base sexagesimal system of Babylon. We have inherited door keys and the magnifying glass from the Assyrians, democracy from the Greeks, paved roads from the Romans, multiculturalism from the Medo-Persians and when modern mothers put their new-born babies in a sling instead of in a pram, that is a maternal practice inherited from the ancient Kushite Kingdom.

One of the most powerful experiences in this visual walkthrough spanning many millennia, are the historical accurate stories of the Bible, where there are 10 kings from the three continents of Afro-Eurasia, who are recorded in that sacred record. They are, just to name a few, Sennacherib, king of Assyria, Tiharkah king of Ethiopia and Caesar Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome, whose statues and names are engraved in stone and after many wars spanning thousands of years, different climatic changes, epochs and ages, most have still been preserved perfectly intact, where archaeologists in sometimes painstaking conditions, have excavated these artefacts from the Kingdoms of Kush (Sudan), Babylon and Assyria (Iraq), Medo-Persia (Iran) and the Greek and Roman Empires that were geographically based in the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe.

This tour will give you a very in-depth history lesson of past events by observing priceless artefacts, where you will be free to ask questions at any time and you will leave there with a different way you look at the world that you are living in today and you will also learn that there is really no knew thing under the sun.