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Even at the Doors is a phrase that means the rapid closing up of time



To give the layman a simple clearer knowledge of the workings of our world


Even At The Doors likes to challenge people on how they view the world. The videos/studies covers a vast number of topics but mainly focuses on the world from a balanced Biblical perspective and identifying political systems and figures, their decisions, roles and influences on the global arena and the effects it has on our everyday lives.


To develop and teach people…

My name is Adrian A. McQueen. I studied media for five years at college and at University and I realized it is one of the most effective ways to share an idea and to make people listen to what you have to say and it has always been a dream of mine from a child to share with people the beauty of God’ Word in a balanced format, that even a little child can understand through the media. I have never believed in forcing an idea or overpowering anybody with my strong convictions and beliefs, but I do believe in planting the right seeds to open up a discussion.

I was born in the UK to Caribbean immigrant parents, grew up in a predominantly white neighbourhood, attended a predominantly black church and attended a secular school. This balance of different cultures and ideas has greatly shaped my identity and helped me too look at the world from different perspectives and has contributed in broadening my scope on how to relate to peoples who are from all different walks of life.

My daily drive comes from my love for God and my love for people. To expand my knowledge, I have always loved educating myself in new areas for that is the best way to learn and I have always shared what I have learned with others. I travel, research, film, edit, produce, direct and also narrate and write the script for each one of my projects. It is very important to be skilled in different areas so that you do not have to rely too heavily upon other people.

Even at the Doors originally started out as a blog/website around 2010. After being laid off work in 2012, where the funding ran out for the department of the company I was employed at, I decided to use most of the redundancy money to buy brand new media equipment and fulfill my lifelong dream and branch out and create a YouTube channel. It is the best investment I have made in my life, for I have seen the daily benefits.

It is not easy, the workload is quite heavy at times. Some of the subjects I cover are very challenging and deep and I still have my own my daily failings, shortcomings and weaknesses, but it is all a part of the journey and it is the daily assistance through prayer that I receive divine strength to continue each day and I always believe that there is room for more improvement in my life and I do surprisingly enjoy all the challenges, for where there is no struggle, there is no progress, the late Frederick Douglass said. I would still like to branch out even further and broaden my horizons by using a lot more mediums to get my message across and this will be one of the new challenges for Even at the Doors.